Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “How is Kemper Home Care different from other home care providers?”
A: Kemper Home Care is family-owned and operated. Serving the elderly is our passion, and memory care is our expertise.  With us, it’s personal. We will work with you to develop a plan that will meet the specific needs of your family.  

Our Care Partners are employees of Kemper Home Care; they are not independent contractors.  All Care Partners are thoroughly screened, trained, professional, reliable, and insured by Kemper Home Care.  

In addition to care in the home, we also provide services:

  • in an assisted living facility,
  • at the hospital during a short stay, or
  • wherever your situation requires. 
  • Q: “What qualifies Kemper Home Care to call itself a leader in dementia care?”
    A: Kemper Home Care is a service provided by Kemper House, a proven industry leader in caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other disorders resulting in memory impairments. 

    With Kemper Home Care, you can expect personalized care and stimulating activities in an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging.  One can benefit from proven methods, including validation and encouragement necessary for your loved one to maintain a sense of independence and self-sufficiency in a familiar environment – home.

    Q: "Can you staff at hospitals, independent living facilities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes?"
    A: In addition to care in the home, we also provide services in these environments, or wherever your situation requires.

    Q: "How do I set up services with Kemper Home Care?"
    A: Services can easily be set up by calling (216) 406-3550. An advisor or assessment nurse will help you determine the services which will best meet your needs.

    Q: "How quickly can services be started?"
    A: An assessment nurse will be able to assess within 24 hours. Services can begin immediately following the assessment.

    Q: "Is Kemper Home Care available seven days a week?"
    A: Yes, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no minimum visit requirement.

    Q: "What is the cost of Kemper Home Care? Is there an assessment charge or start up fee?"
    A: You will find the hourly rates for Kemper Home Care to be competitive with other home care providers. However, there is no fee to begin receiving our home care services.

    Q: "What methods of payment do you accept?"
    A: Our services are paid through private funds. We accept cash or check. Some long term care insurance policies and veterans benefits may also reimburse for our services. Our assessment nurse can help you determine if you are eligible for these reimbursements.

    Q: "What areas do you service?"
    A: We have Care Partners in Cuyahoga, Medina, Lorain and Lake counties.

    Q: "Do you offer any specialized programming?"
    A: Kemper Home Care specializes in senior care and especially the needs of clients with memory loss due to Alzheimer's and dementia.

    Q: "Are you able to help with transportation needs?"
    A: Yes, whether it is a trip to the grocery store or an escort to an important physician appointment, Kemper Home Care is able to assist in providing transportation.

    Q: "How do you choose your caregivers?"
    A: Each of our Care Partners is interviewed and carefully screened. Care Partners are trained in caregiving, first aid and specialized dementia care. Our Care Partners are insured through Kemper House.

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